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Personal & Private  Classes

Physical Health - Emotional Health - Mental Health - Spiritual Health

Gay Mens Yoga / Yoga Therapy Clinic is a registered NDIS provider and  offers services to all NDIS participants.  GMY NDIS services run under the banner of Yoga Therapy Clinic.

For many personal reasons and  privacy  many men who use the GMY -NDIS services prefer the services to be discrete. The gay mens yoga for NDIS services runs under the name of yoga therapy clinic. 

Tap onto the logo below and it will take you to the Yoga Therapy Clinic NDIS services.


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What is yoga and NDIS yoga therapy is about? 

Yoga therapy is about seeing yourself as you are “now” and working with what you have now, in this moment, to move forward and begin to change the person you are.

In life we sometimes have experiences which may have an impact on the way we operate in our day to day connections and interactions with ourselves, other people and with the world around us. 

These experiences good or bad can sometimes colour, block or simply just make us feel stuck.  It is important  for our energy to flow through the mind.  It is important for energy to flow through the body.  It is even more important to allow the two to interact and work together to help create the new person whom we need to be.


Many NDIS participants require a deeper and more personal approach due the outcomes that life has presented. Theoretical and experiential immersion in the vital knowledge (mental) and skills (physical) is required by anyone who wishes to deepen their ability to help themselves. Personal development through yoga therapy  includes yoga philosophy, function and modification of body movement for specific outcomes, life planning, the applications of yoga, skills of observation, and  much much more.​​​​​


NDIS Participants

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the way that the Australian Government is providing support to hundreds of thousands of Australians with all kinds of disabilities including, their families and carers.

The NDIS Yoga Therapist/clinical  services are available nationally.

You could be a city dweller or in residing in regional Australia. Yoga therapist clinic has the  capacity to deliver the services offered to you remotely, or a mobile service at your home, and in the clinic which is located in Collingwood Victoria.

All NDIS participants start with a two hour session.

The first hour is an initial consultation which is then followed by the second hour being  their first Yoga Therapy session.

All subsequent sessions are one hour.

Quarterly reviews are made every three months which include a consultation and yoga class. (2 hours)

For more information about the NDIS visit this link

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