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What is what yoga and yoga therapy is about?  Yoga therapy is about seeing yourself as you are “now” and working with what you have now, in this moment, to move forward and begin to change the person you are.

In life we sometimes have experiences which may have an impact on the way we operate in our day to day connections and interactions with ourselves, other people and with the world around us. 

These experiences good or bad can sometimes colour, block or simply just make us feel stuck.  It is important  for our energy to flow through the mind– it is important for energy to flow through the body.  It is even more important to allow the two to interact and work together to help create the new person whom we need to be.

The different facets of Yoga will help release what is within and to allow you to see, understand, and reach your full potential in  life.

Enjoy discovering this part of the web site, and please contact me if you would like to know further information.

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