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Yoga & You

mens yoga

The You And Yoga Workshop involves  active participation so we can interactively work together to discover whatever you want to explore in this workshop.

After an initial conversation, we will build a blueprint of the workshop around the areas discussed, then we will begin to learn and understand how to use the “tools of yoga” to get the outcomes needed.

Absolutely anything you want can be discussed and explored; it could be something physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic or a combination.

Together we will find the ways to reconnect with ourselves and understand the meaning of doing so. Then, (and only then) will we be able to access those deeper parts of self.

Through the workshop you will find the answers you have looking for.

In use will be a combination of simple meditation techniques, breathing techniques specific related yoga postures. we will have discussions, included is a massage, lunch in-between and a personal guided relaxation.

*** A Yoga Massage is included  in the course.

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