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Your Private Yoga Weekend Retreat 

For Yourself, or as a Couple or Group


Private Yoga Retreats

A short weekend getaway can do wonders for your health and well-being.

It can be tough to find enough time off of work to go on full-fledged holidays throughout the year, but even a three-day weekend can help you rest and recharge in a way that will positively benefit your outlook, relationships, health and productivity.

Gippsland - Victoria

2 nights away at a location and a weekend that interests you.


Anywhere in Melbourne or Interstate Capital and its surrounding regional locations.

An easy drive of 90 to 120 minutes away from any direction is a good option.


Who Can Come

This weekend away is open to everyone and to all levels. It could be your opportunity to start with the basics, or a way deepen your awareness about yourself and others.

Take time out to indulge yourself in a weekend of fun and practice some yoga. Share stimulating discussions, learn relaxation techniques, explore breathing & stress management tools.and reconnect with yourself. This weekend away is for anyone.

What To Expect

Relaxation, rejuvenation and good company. Let the beautiful place you chose for your  private weekend retreat is to held, calm your mind and lighten your spirit.


Allow the retreat help you to re energise during the day and relax in the evening. During the day you will enjoy a morning stretches and yoga & in the afternoon we can workshop whatever presents itself. It can be discussions, or physical practice or indulge with a soft yoga healing therapy massage.

The weekend away retreat offers participants a flexible program of yoga classes, discussions, deep yoga relaxation meditation and pranayama, yogic philosophy and holistic wellness. Enjoy and benefit from the sessions, but also take away valuable tools to incorporate increased wellness into your daily life.

Most accommodation venues have a check in time of 2pm. We can start anytime Friday afternoon from 2.30pm onwards with a Deep Yoga Stretch With Massage to ease the body after the drive and start to relax straight away.

  **If you require a late Friday afternoon or early evening start this can be incorporated in to the program.

Most places have check out time  at 10am, which allows plenty of time for a morning session and breakfast.

The program runs from anytime that suits you from  Friday from 2pm to Sunday 10am. We can all be back home by sunday afternoon .

During the Deep Progressive Yoga Relaxation session we will be getting in touch with the deeper subconscious part of yourself  - discovering and releasing parts of self we didn't know were there. things do come up in these retreats - there is LOVE and support for everyone who may wish to release and have a deep and meaningful talk.

There will also be lots of opportunities for formal and informal discussions as we relax about talk about life, people, the world we live in, as well as yoga philosophy, spirituality, the emotional body, the physical body and our physical yoga practice, and anything that comes up.

A full schedule of classes and workshops will be offered over the course of the retreat. All scheduled sessions are optional in attendance. 
You may join in all of them or part of them- you may choose to just do some and spend the rest of the time exploring or sit and soak in some sun & RELAX

What We Will Eat

The retreat is fully catered for every meal.

There are vegan options, vegetarian options dairy free gluten free etc.

All your dietary needs can be accommodated for.


The Program

From experience I have learnt each retreat is very different,  just like every person is individual so are the private retreats.  At the beginning of the retreat presented is a timetable and together we fill it in and play with what times of day work with us. and what you may wish to change.

Below is an example of a retreat if you are after a very full intensive experience. 

Day One

  • Upon arrival we will start with a deep yoga stretch with massage, to relax after the drive and loosen you up for the weekend ahead.

  • we will have an in-depth personal discussion to identify what you need from this retreat and set some tailor made goals for the program.

  • Dinner & chat.

  • After dinner we will look at meditation, what is meditation and why, and explore some techniques.

  • A deep yoga Nidra/ guided relaxation session 

  • In the evening we relax, hang out and converse.

Day Two

  • We start the morning with an optional early morning stretch.

  • After the morning stretch we will follow with a morning yoga class - completely tailored for you and your abilities.

  • Breakfast.

  • Mid morning part 1 of  yoga workshop, we will explore yoga postures, their meanings, and how you can use yoga to make change fin your life.

  • Late lunch and a chat.

  • After lunch part 2 of workshop including discussion looking at yoga, meditation & breathing, this will take us to dinner.

  • Dinner and chat.

  • Later after dinner you will receive a deep relaxation session with massage.

  • Evening with conversation- the night is free.

Day Three

  • Start the day with a morning yoga class - completely tailored for you.

  • Breakfast.

  • Time to check out and head home, with a new perspective of yourself and life.


  • 1 Person: $650 per day total; ($1,300) +accommodation to suit your budget

  • 2 People: $850 per day total; ($1,700) +accommodation to suit your budget

  • When scheduled - GMY Group Yoga Retreat : $375 per person/per day +accommodation  **group retreats have a different program

The retreat is over two nights. The weekend away is an opportunity which allows for direct interaction with each other, Discussions, guidance and connection and one on one work with each other is the beauty of Gay Mens Yoga .

 Price will depend on location and accommodation as we work through what your requirements may be.

The Accommodation is not included in the price. Accommodation can be at a budget of your choice.

I do apologise ogize for the Interstate guys price must also incur the cost of travel.

(Price includes all meals and tuition)

Prices are quoted in Australia Dollars and include all taxes.

Must be Aged 18 years old or over. 

Deposit Required to secure your booking date 

Final Payment will be charged 2 weeks before scheduled date 

If you prefer to make a full advance payment (100%) . Please let me know to arrange.

Getting There

BY CAR - Roughly about 90 to 120 minutes from Melbourne.

Other options to get to the retreat is sharing a ride together.

To Register

If you would like to participate in this Private Yoga Weekend Away, or make an inquiry please click here.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free Cancellation and full refund if no transactions to accomodation location has been paid. 

  • If there has been a deposit paid secure the retreat accommodation the venues cancelation policy will need to be followed.

  • Cancellation's will result in the forfeit/loss of deposit amount

  • Cancellation with No-Show will result in the full booking amount charged.

  • You will receive a full refund (or credit note if preferred) in case of operator cancellation due to extreme weather events or any other unforeseen circumstances. 

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